Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Greek Gods!

Hiya, It's Nikki.
Are you like me?
In love with Greek Mythology?
Wanting to marry Zeus or Poseidon or maybe even Hades?
Well, let's do some basic information on these Greek Gods.
Beginning with The Titans!

Gaea- Earth Goddess. First real Greek God.
Uranus- Sky God. Son of Gaea. Mated with Gaea to create remaing Titans (ew, brother&sister?).
Cronus- Ruling Titan. Tried to kill his children with Rhea by eating each.
Rhea- Tricked Cronus into eating a rock when Zeus came. Mother of many olympians.
Oceanus- God of every stream of water on Earth.
Tethys- Wife of Oceanus.
Hyperion- Titan of light, and early sun god.
Mnemosyne- God of memory and mother of Muses.
Themis- Titan of justice and order.
Iapetus- Father of many. "The piercer."
Coeus- Titan of Intelligence.
Phoebe- Titan of the moon.
Prometheus- Wisest of all Titans.
Epimetheus- Stupidest of all Titans.
Metis- Titan of Mercury and the fourth day.
Dione- possibly the mother of Aprohdite.

Want the Olympian simple knowledge?
Follow me and stick around.

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