Friday, November 27, 2009


Hey, so, if you read my blog (which I doubt anyone does), I've just began to participate in BookMooch.
It's very entertaining to give away books then receive them(:
My username is : nikki28351 .
I own some pretty snazzy books that just so happen to be flying away.
So, whatcha waiting for?! Goo!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


fml. such a new slang for the computer,
yes it says exactly what most teens always think
with just three little letters.

fuck my life. i hate it. im depressed like all my friends,
but unlike them, i hide it and try to wear colors
instead of the black they wear.

do you get it now? im in a group along with girls who
like black and think the world is out to get them.
but after listening to them continously, they're so right.

the world is out to get us. death follows us. but that
doesn't mean we should all hide ourselves. we shouls go out
and live the life God made for us. its the better choice.

choose you path people!