Friday, December 4, 2009

Freaky Book Friday(:

When I say freaky, I mean just a part in a book where the narrator or a character says something in particular that was really weird, freaky, or awkward :D

The Summoning by: Kelley Armstrong
Pages 238-239
Chloe, the main character, is bound and gagged in crawlspace in the laundry room of the house. A dead skeleton is alive and touching Chloe in the dark while she's alone. Then, she pees herself. Yeah, no explanation. Great book, though.

The Pretty Commitee Strikes Back by: Lisi Harrison
Pages 254-255
The five main girls are lost in the woods and they have to make-up and whatnot. This chapter in the book had to be the funniest pages in a book I've ever read. It includes the phrases:
"People eat deer, you know." Dylan perked up.
"If I had to eat one of us for survival, I'd pick Massie"
"You'd make a good desert."
"Pee in your pants," Dylan suggested. "They'll dry."
"You're disgusting." Massie playfully slapped her friend on the arm.
"Maybe." Dylan smiled. "But at least I'm warm." She lifted her long, olive green DKNY cardigan and revealed a massive wet spot on her crotch.
"Ew!" They shouted and took off; even Alicia ran away.

Perfect Chemistry by: Simone Elkeles
Page 118
The main girl, Brittany, throws up on the shoes of a very hot boy, Alex, who was with his crew. Enough said. (This was an amazing book!)

Missing You by: Meg Cabot
Page 236
Jessica, the main chick, calls her bestfriend at her apartment. In the bed next to her bestfriend, is Jessica's brother. Awkwardd....

If you liked these freaky reviews, stick around for more fun(:

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