Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little about me?

So, i have to type extremely fast because I need to be somewhere in less than 15 minutes and I don't even have pants on! haha. well, i want to take up five minutes just to say that hi, i'm nikki. i'm new to blogging, but i've got the hang of it. i hope to have manyy contests in the future, for i have manyy books.

i love coughtwilightcough. don't hold it against me, it was a good book, and when i read it in seventh grade that is what lead me to become a book lover, so i totally owe stephanie meyer. i love paranormal romances, they keep me entertained. my friends believe me to be a 'peace maker', mostly because i like when everyone gets along. when people are in a fight, i can see both sides. i never really get mad or hate anyone. i think everyone has there own opinions, so i dont mind if you hate twilight, go right ahead!(:

i am trying to keep up grades in highschool as i also try to read, have a life, and keep current on my blog. i dance, and i love robertcoughcoughpattinson. yes, for future references, i AM team edward, but if you team jacob, thats cool too!:) right now, actually, i am watching the latest satruday night live and it has taylor lautner in it, who seems verryyy charming. lol.

so, i hate to leave so randomly, but now im late and sad :( but its okay because i got to post another blog! (sorry if there are grammar mistakes! i have no time to capitalize! haha.) bye, everyone. thanks for following!

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  1. I love your randomness. It cracks me up in the best possible way. I'm Team Edward too but I'm not Team Pattinson.