Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review: "The Juliet Club" Suzanne Harper

Hiya everbody, today is a veryy special day! It is the day I review my first book. I've reviewed books on my old school newspaper, but it was always just acouple sentences. Hopefully everyone approves of my work(:

Summary (from the book):
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Italy . . . Shakespeare . . . but no romance? Kate Sanderson inherited her good sense from her mother, a disciplined law professor, and her admiration for the Bard from her father, a passionate Shakespeare scholar. When she gets dumped, out of the blue, for the Practically Perfect Ashley Lawson, she vows never to fall in love again. From now on she will control her own destiny, and every decision she makes will be highly reasoned and rational. She thinks Shakespeare would have approved.
So when she is accepted to a summer Shakespeare symposium in Verona, Italy, Kate sees it as the ideal way to get over her heartbreak once and for all. She'll lose herself in her studies, explore ancient architecture, and eat plenty of pasta and gelato. (Plus, she'll be getting college credit for it—another goal accomplished!) But can even completely logical Kate resist the romance of living in a beautiful villa in the city where those star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet met and died for each other? Especially when the other Shakespeare Scholars—in particular Giacomo, with his tousled brown hair, expressive dark eyes, and charming ways—try hard to break her protective shell?
"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene . . . "

THE JULIET CLUB is a novel about a girl, Kate, who before the novel has began, has been dumped by her first love for a girl who is the complete opposite of Kate. Now, at just the right time, she finds that she's won a contest to go to italy with her dad, where she'll take a Romeo and Juliet seminar taught by her fathers rivel, Francesca Marchese. There, in Verona, she meets two other Americans: Tom and Lucy, and three other Italian: Giacomo, Benno, and Silvia. Three boys and three girls in the most romantic part of Italy. What could go wrong?

This book was powerful yet funny all at the same time. You would think that Harper only wrote in Kate's percpective, but you'll be surprised to be reading from almost every characters view. So, you get an inside look of who likes who, and all the triangles and circles of love. What I especially liked was how as Kate is in Italy, she e-mails her two betsfriends, Annie and Sarah, about everything happening there. As Annie and Sarah begin to see the love forming in Kate's e-mails, they start betting on what will happen, which gives the story more, what should I call it? Pizazz!

If I had to give this book a rating, it would be nine stars (out of ten). Why would I take one star out, you ask? Well, it was well written and it was totally interesting, with a modern twist that I wouldn't expect. The ending put me on edge, and I was happy with who everyone ended up with. The only thing is, through-out the wholeee book no one reveals there feelings for eachother or anything 'till the VERY end. So it kind of annoyed me. You're probably wondering, well if they weren't expressing there love for eachother, what was the concept of the book about?

Well, it was about an ex.girlfriend who becomes jealous and tries to make two people (Kate and Giacomo) become part of a joke. But while she's explaining the 'prank' to an accomplice, Kate overhears, confids in Giacomo (who she currently hates), and they make a plan to pretend fall for their prank, to get the jokesters before they get them. Confusing? I know!

I highly recommend this book. Not strongly, but highly :D



  1. Looks good! I think I'll check this one out.

  2. Great review. Thanks for making it honest. Love finding wonderful new book review blogs!

  3. This book sounds fun. I like the modern twist concept. A great first review Nikki!

  4. This review is really gonna help me for my book project! I already read the book but I need to find right words plus great review I loved the book too! Thanks