Thursday, January 7, 2010

Youtube, Myspace.. now Formspring??

Talking seriously for a moment, I have become aware of a new form of cyber bullying. A new website called has made itself known in the teenage world. I've just discovered this today, and frankly, I'm kind of worried. is a website where you can anonymously ask anyone a question, and they will answer every one that they want to. The question & answer with show up on their profile, for everyone to see. The profiles of my friends have questions that are rude & disrespectful, so I'm almost positive that in the future we'll be seeing bad news of this website.

If you'd like to ask me a nice & not harsh question about myself or my love for books, go here: link erase due to harsh questions!
Don't get me wrong, the site is pretty fun, so show people to it, but try to pervent more online bullying. Our world doesn't need any more of it! :D

That's all, thanks for listening to me rant!


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the heads up. I'll be monitoring the use of this in school. It sounds pretty easy to abuse.

  2. Eesh, cyber bullying. It sucks that bullying found its way onto the internet :/

    The books usually say that they're ARCS on the cover or binding. Also, if you get one waaay before its release date, you know for SURE that it's an ARC :)

  3. There are too many social sites on the internet..I'm losing track of them all. ;)
    It's definitely unfortunate that bullying on the internet is a problem. =/

  4. hmm...thanks. I have alot of friends with kids who would like to know about this